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CEO of OneSource IML

Founder of OneSource IML and is currently the Managing Member.  Jerry has a long history of success as an entrepreneur and brings 29 years of management and international sourcing experience.  Focused on operations, sales, strategic planning and compliance.  Prior to OSIML, Jerry founded three other successful businesses, where he managed the operations, sales and international sourcing.

Graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Economics / Finance. He also believed that experience is vital to education and bought his first business before graduation.  


In addition to his role at OSIML, Jerry manages his cattle ranch in Wyoming, which currently supports 1000 head of cattle.  



Jerry sHOUN, usa

President in EPPA (European Promotion Product Association) & NAPA

I was born 1952 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Been in school for 15 years the two last year in University (Economy), Started working when I was 13 years old (beside school) and 56 years later I am still working.


I have been an employee and also run my own companies in different branches, Radio, Television, Photo, Sports equipment, Cars, Restaurants, Bar, Promotion items.

Right now I am president in NAPA (Nordic Association Profile Articles, Scandinavia) and President in EPPA (European Promotion Product Association)

March 31 I will leave my job as CEO for the Swedish Promotion Association SBPR. Beside this I am in the board for two companies and in the advisory board for one Swedish group of companies and one European group with 25 companies.

Kjell Harbom, Sweden

Meet our advisory board members

Mr. Kaufman, CEO of TradeMarc Licensing Inc., has been in the apparel, licensing, and brand management business for over 40 years.


Throughout that time he has successfully managed both international and national brands. In the last twenty years, three of his strongest brand relationships have been with Craftsman, Jeep, and Teflon™ brands.


Such unusually lengthy relationships are testaments to Mr. Kaufman's innovative thinking and commitment towards his clients' success.​

President/CEO of PeakTop Fashion (China).


MBA of Renmin University of China.


President/CEO of PeakTop Fashion (China) 20+years.


President of GuangDong DongQuang Head-wears Manufactures Assoc.

marc kaufman, usa

Research & Development Dir/Project Manager ShinKong Synthetic Fiber Corp (Taiwan)


Master of Science of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

R&D in the Recycling Post-Consumer Fabric, Garment & Waste using both Mechanical & Chemical Process and Upcycle back to textile applications within the Close-Loop Recycle Process!


Successful R&D involvement in PET polymerization, special staple fibers/yarn developments, productions & commercialization of these special fibers inclusion into Nonwoven applications!

Additionally Development in the TPE arena as green applications are continuing!


World travels/assignments in Sales & Marketing and survey potential PET Production opportunities & Partnership

roBERT s. l. cHENG, tAIWAN

martin li, china

Managing Director of TRISTAR SOLUTIONS - DALLAS, TEXAS since 2012


Experienced in managing and consulting with businesses through turn around, start up, right sizing, high growth, merger, and acquisitions scenarios in multiple industries.


Outstanding senior professional with experience in meeting goals, building strategies, plans, teams, and products for global commercial and U.S. government markets.

Responsible for cost / schedule management, quality of service and profit & loss. Trained in Quality Techniques including Kaizen, Hoisen and Goldratt.

Steven DONG, USA